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Working effectively from home

Working from home is not just a trend it is becoming almost common practice for many of us and is set to grow with more of us setting up in self employment and companies looking to drive down costs. After all it makes sense working from home saves on commuting time and expense and the cost of renting office space. With the demands on our time ever increasing a home office also lets you spend some extra valuable time with yourfamily. Setting up your home office correctly from the start is important, it is crucial to get your planning right in order to create a successful and productive working environment.


Home Entertainment Systems


Home Cinema and multi-room Audio and Video

Integrating your TV with your Hi-Fi creates a much better movie and TV watching experience and it does not even have to be that expensive. We can work with what ever system components you choose to ensure best placement and performance.

Atlantic Cabling is an independent supplier and installer of Home Entertainment and Smart Home systems. We provide comprehensive, expert, independent advice on all types of equipment and components used in Home Entertainment and Smart Home systems. We also advise on room design, construction and layout. Atlantic Cabling supplies recommended components and systems at cost and only charges for design, installation, maintenance and training services.


CCTV, Controls & Systems Integration

Security and CCTV

Monitor your property from home, office or abroad

The family of security devices includes camera security, recorders, sensors and entry controls. Lighting is also an important aspect of security. Interior and exterior area lighting also has the added advantage of contributing to the enjoyment of your home as well as helping it look occupied when you are away. These systems are less expensive than you may think.

Your home network is also your security systems single point of control with images being recorded directly to a hard drive for both long term storage and instant viewing from home, work or away. You can also be sent an alert to your cell phone or email so can then log onto your home network from anywhere and see what is going on, while it is happening.

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